Cape Fynbos Citrus Gin



Honey & wild fynbos with a bright medley of citrus fruits.


Extensive fractional distillation produces a smooth base of the finest quality and purity. This is infused with premium juniper berries and elements from more than 30 indigenous botanicals, sustainably hand harvested for their bark, roots, berries, flowers, stems, peels or leaves. Many of these botanicals are members of the fynbos group of plants for which the region is world famous Some of the notable fynbos and herbs include: wild dagga, honeybush, buchu, African wormwood, renosterbos, African potato, devil’s claw, cancer bush and Sceletium Tortousum or Bushman’s ecstasy. Optimal botanical aroma and flavour extraction is achieved by employing both direct maceration as well as vapour path
extraction. After distillation a further maceration takes place. The peels of 5 citrus fruits – orange, mandarin, lemon, lime and grapefruit – are steeped in the gin for a further seven days.

Each bottle packed in individual gift carton.