Zoom Tastings – How they work

Zoom Tastings

Since August 2020 we have offered a once a month wine tasting using the Zoom platform. The tastings are run by me, David Wright, and I invite a wine producer, exporter or expert to join the event.


The purpose is ‘educational’ and an opportunity to taste wines with the person who knows most about them. Essentially it is an hours entertainment with wine.


We accompany the zoom with a slide show depicting the origin of the wines, a profile of the wines and winemaker, images of the vineyards and region,statistics and a couple of quiz questions for fun.


Typically we taste three wines. It is not obligatory to open them all if you have purchased them, but you will at least know about them when you do. If you open all three then of course you will need to enjoy them over the following two days (usually the weekend).


The wines for tastings can be ordered off the website – there is a delivery charge, but that is diluted depending on how many wines are ordered. Ideally one person might order four sets for friends and share the cost which would be minimal, however social distancing makes that less easy. But if it is possible it is a good way. Equally when the pandemic no longer dominates friends can get together and share bottles!

Orders can be made up of any wine on the website.


It is not obligatory to buy wines to attend the tasting, but there is a charge per ‘log in’ for a zoom, of £4.95 for the April tasting onwards.