Simon’s Marmalade Liqueur Gin gift pack


25% 20cl gin and 227g marmalade – both 2 Star Great Taste Awards

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Glorious colour. We can definitely get the marmalade on the nose. Good balance between burnt orange, citrus and sweet notes, inviting.  Bitter orange, but not losing the warmth of the gin. The marmalade comes through on the palate, with a burnt candied aftertaste, caramel but not too sweet. Good mouthfeel, not too cloying but appropriate for the marmalade theme. Bitter in the same way that marmalade is.

Tawny gold in the glass. The nose is caramel dominated with a hint of orange peel. The orange peel features more on the palate, and the bitterness of the peel balances well with a caramelised sweetness. Faint juniper on the finish. Excellent.

Classic dark marmalade with a touch of burnt sugar on the nose. The dry gin flavour isn’t overpowered by the marmalade. Clear notes of slightly bitter orange peel shine through and the sweetness is balanced and considered. A touch of warm spice appears as a perfume and the tangy orange remains on the finish.

25% 20cl gin and 227g marmalade