R Prüm Essence Off Dry Riesling 2019


Off dry and charmingly well balanced. Perfect for Asian cuisine.

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Mosel Rieslings are very much back in fashion especially in top end restaurants as they’re so versatile with food. Pale gold and aromatic with scent of apricot, green apple and white peach. There minerality and racy acidity to balance the fruity character. Perfect with any fusion cuisine with slightly spicy tones. Mosel Valley 11.0% Res sugar 24.7 g/l

This wine is made at the estate of S. A. Prüm in the village of Wehlen on the banks of the Mosel. The estate is over 600 years old and  steeped in history. The vineyards in Wehlen are famous for the sun dial (Sonnenuhr) clock that sits amid the vines. Image below.

Saskia Prüm, pictured below, has been running the business since the summer of 2016, when she, the first female to take charge, was handed the keys by her father, Raimund.