Private Preserve Wine Saver – keeps it fresh


A simple way to preserve freshness in a bottle of wine.

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It is often the case that a wine opened one day and finished over the next few days can diminish, by way of oxidation, the quality of the wine. Preserve contains a mixture of tasteless inert gasses which are non-toxic, non-flammable with no environmental danger. The odourless gasses of argon and carbon dioxide lay an inert blanket protecting the wine from oxidising until the next time it’s poured. Once the gas is sprayed in, simply replace the cork and keep the bottle upright.

I use this preserver myself for wines that I open and intend to consume over a period of three or four days. If the wine is particularly good I tend to make sure it is finished the day I open it. This preserver is therefore a useful tool, in my view, for everyday wines, and could prove very useful for tasting when more than one bottle is opened.

Note – dont be fooled by the weight, it feels empty, but has enough for many bottles of wine!

100% content of the can is N2, CO2 & Argon.  The three inert gases in our atmosphere, and in our lungs/body…non-toxic, non-flammable and all around, and in us.

Beyond wine etc., totally recommended for fine cooking oils, herbs & spices, coffee & tea, and fine spirits such as old scotch above 12 yrs.old typically, bourbon, rum, sake…any organic affected negatively by oxidation.